How long will it take to get my order?

Most orders are shipped within 7-10 Business days via Priority mail with USPS tracking. They usually take 2-4 days for delivery. Please allow 9-14 business days from the time of purchase to receive your delicious jerky!

How many pieces come in a bag?

Each 8oz. bag contains approximately 50-60 bite size pieces. Due to processing each piece may vary in size.

What is the texture?

Not soft and mushy like a beef stick but not overly dry or hard like old fashion jerky. It's Ares Jerky!! Hand made in the USA in small artisan batches.

How spicy is the spicy jerky?

Our Ares Spicy and Ares Mango Habanero are on a scale to 10, is a 3-4 out of a 10. Remember everyones taste buds are different!!

Due you offer subscriptions?

Yes please choose your option on product page before checkout. Cancel or change subscriptions with the link in the main menu.